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    Amin Saud, progenitor of the Turchi family, merchant, and owner of a large fleet had no doubt: his ships in exchange for the most fertile of lands.
    From the rolling hills of Balignano, he could continue to dominate the sea
    as though his domain was a beautiful vessel made ​​of earth and olive trees.

    In the middle of the fifteenth century
    the olive press built by Amin crushed its first olives.
    Little has changed since those first nature-filled days.
    A tiny village, a church, an olive-press and the silence of the surrounding colours.
    The same incomparable milieu that greeted Amin Saud, can be found today at the Antico Frantoio Turchi.

    Balignano: located between Cesena and Rimini, not far from the ancient Roman road, the Via Emilia
    is the first hill to receive the marine breeze coming of the Adriatic Sea.
    Combined with the ideal altitude of its lands, the olives are gifted
    that spontaneous and natural magic which characterises the goodness of its olive oil.

    La Locanda della Luna is made of the aromas,
    accumulated through the centuries of its history,
    blended in the air and suspended in the atmosphere.

    A place where one overlooks the horizons of land and sea, experiencing endless flavours,
    frozen in time through the passage of ancient and simple cooking recipes,
    kept and observed with great care by the Turchi family.
    Experience the neighbouring towns and villages, explore castles, monuments and churches
    which distinguish the gestures, expressions and ancient roots of a civilization.

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    The rooms of Locanda della Luna located in the ancient building of the olive press,
    are the ideal space to discover the spirit of times-gone-by and appreciate the beauty of this place.
    All rooms are furnished with refined simplicity, while maintaining the charm and atmosphere of the original architecture..

    The structure includes:

    • Nine rooms, all equipped with private bathroom, TV, telephone, air conditioning and a wifi internet connection.
    • A two-room apartment with a private bathroom, kitchenette, TV, telephone, air conditioning and a wifi internet connection.

    Using a cold press with granite millstones, the olive press produces extra virgin olive oil of a quality
    that can only be created by respecting a tradition handed down through the ages by the Turchi family.
    The olive oil is above all a product of experience: it is not the mere product of a machine,
    but the result of sentiment and skill, of which the Turchi family is the keeper for over 400 years.

    A scrupulous attention to the production process and a careful selection of varieties
    has allowed the Frantoio Turchi to produce an extra virgin olive oil, 100% made in Italy,
    the value of which is increasingly appreciated.

    The flavour of this oil cannot be described, as it changes from year to year,
    in-step with the continual transformations of the natural surroundings of which it is offspring.
    And for this reason it is a constant surprise...

    Not only oil... Balignano is a terrain laden with fruit trees and vegetables:
    figs, strawberries, cherries, apricots, plums, quinces, pears, walnuts, almonds... and tomatoes, artichokes, zucchini, strigoli.
    All of which can be found at the on-site shop transformed into wines, jams, pickles and sauces.

    The products are intimately tied to the seasons and the quality of fruit and vegetables.
    You probably won't find the full range of all products for the whole year, because they are limited in number and differ from season to season.

    Restaurant opening hours

    from Wednesday to Friday Dinner
    Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays Lunch and Dinner
    For reservations:
    Ph. + 39 0547 665566

    Check the availability of rooms:


    Locanda della Luna & Antico Frantoio

    Via Balignano, 956 - Balignano di Longiano (FC) - Italy
    tel. + 39 0547 665566
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