La Locanda della Luna is situated in the foothills of Longiano, near Cesena city and the sea, in a territory that is surrounded by ancient villages and is very rich in typical products and beautiful natural landscapes.
The area is highly suitable for growing olives and for the production of a high quality extra virgin olive oil that Family Turci produces by cold pressing, using granite wheels, as per the local tradition.
However, it is not just about the oil, because the area surrounding the Locanda della Luna is also ideal for the production of fruit and vegetables. It is a real focus point on the Romagna food and wine panorama, covering many other typical and traditional products, such as the well renowned piadina flat bread, cappelletti and passatelli (two handmade types of pasta) and the tasty Fossa cheese from the nearby Sogliano village.
Thanks to the excellence of its food and cuisine, the Organic Holiday Farm of Family Turci is listed among the members of Associazione Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori dei colli di Forlì-Cesena (Association of Wine and Dine Route through the hills of Forlì-Cesena), an acknowledged institution within the Italian food and wine tourism sector.